Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kicking out the Ladder..

"To Influence the final result is an empowering place to be."

This is a powerful piece of knowledge to know within yourself, that you can influence an outcome. You can take a challenge and meet it with the best of your ability. You are committed to your final result.

Goals can be achievable, when you realize there is no turning back, you set a target and step on to each rung of the ladder. Imagine yourself wrapping your fingers around the the top rung, your feet firmly planted and you see your goal within your reach. You are excited about approaching your destination. Then your tousled.

Your off balance, you get up again, and climb. You have a set goal, to dream the impossible and make it possible.

You stay focused. You meet your challenge by being innovative. You influence the final result.

Chris has always talked about how Paul Myers writes a story.

However Chris is stubborn at times so he may not get it the first time.

So I shared this Honda video with him and it turned the wheels finally and he got it.

Paul has told him many times you have to get your readers to identify with your story and you have to offer something they can relate to. This brings up an experience in their mind, they have just related to a memory.

In the beginning of this video Chris identifies with the ladder being kicked out from under him.

Despite Chris's brilliance and intelligence.

He certainly has had the ladder kicked from under him many times. He relates with the story, he remembers.

The Honda video didn't put the picture in his mind they used a catch phrase and he came up with his story in his own mind.

So at this point, he shared and told me about Paul Myers advice. Paul does really well he makes a six figure income.

Paul's stories get people to identify with him because they use their own experience to fill in the blanks.

Then Chris precedes to tell me about how the Sopranos only told the high points of the story. They left you to fill in the blanks from your own experiences. So the story was unique for every viewer.

Chris also shared how Paul gives you information on the subject that is Valuable and teaches you something.

Paul's story becomes your own story, and the valuable content is why you read it. But at the end the total solution is a link to his product.

Chris said this is the best thing he learned from Paul Myers, the story leads to a product.

You share a story again, again and again.

Eban Pagan does this in the middle of his videos, share a story.

If you can learn how to do this you can sell your products again and again and again.

All this came about by the Kicking out the ladder video.

The final result is what you can make more of it in your own mind.

The ladder getting kicked under you can make you stronger and of course wiser,
and of course if you keep climbing, I believe you can achieve.

You've dreamed the impossible and made it possible...

To your Success and Sending Smiles:)
Margie D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Facebook Offers Your Name URLs

Facebook Offers Your Name URLs at Midnight Tonight. Get yours now or hate your Facebook URL Later.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thank you for sharing Chris Lang..
Wonderful contribution..

Do you know what pitch is? You may think you do, but let me tell ya, it is not what you think.

So what is pitch?

They use it to seal asphalt. If you have ever watched a crew laying out pitch you probably noticed FIVE really, really, important things about pitch:

Pitch is black.

Pitch is really freakin hot.

If you get too close to it, it sticks to you.

If you do get it on you, it burns the hyde right off you.

Like naplam.

Once you get burned by pitch, you avoid pitch at all costs.

Once you know what pitch is, you do not go near it again.

Pitch sucks.

Things have changed and it is harder to sell something on the Internet that ever before, but I do have a solution for you that will change your marketing for good.

It used to be you could just drive traffic to your sales letter and people bought it. Easy huh?

Not anymore, If you attempt to sell someone something right off the bat, you have already killed the sale. Done, goodbye lead, goodbye sale(s). Notice I said “sales.” Plural.

Internet consumers have seen just about every pitch there is. It is like trying to market MLM. “OH, you mean like Amway” is the first thing you hear right out of their mouth. MLM can make millionaires, but MLM usually comes with pitch. Once you know what pitch is, you avoid it at all costs.

“How the hell do I sell anything without pitching it to the lead” you ask, thinking I am an idiot.

You don’t try, that is the key. I am a student of human nature. I am also a student of how some men seem to have it made when it comes to women and that is one of the best ways to watch marketing and learn from it.

Everyone on the Internet has been there for a while, they know what pitch is. Pitch will burn you if you get too close. You avoid pitch at all costs.
OK, OK, I got it, so how do I sell without pitching?

I can do that because I do not try. DO NOT TRY. (no pitch, it burns you)

Asking for email addresses and NOT trying to sell anything. Not trying to sell. Not trying at all, no pitch.

Your sales letter sells.

You do not sell.

Your blog does not sell.

Your auto responder does not sell.

You market. Your blog markets. Your auto responder markets.
The Bottom Line

After someone gets to know you, after you have sent proven content that HELPS your email subscribers. After your readers know you have a product, after they know that you do better that the rest because you use that product yourself. After your readers know your name, what you look like, what you sound like, after they realize that you are not some salesman knocking at the door. After your readers realize you don’t sell Amway. After your readers know you are not a spammer, con man, full of crap or full of pitch, then you sell them something.

This is the time for pitch, when your subscribers have come to trust you! Full on sales letter, best headlines, tons of bonuses. You are bringing a valuable piece of information into your FRIEND’s life.

How do you do this? With an auto responder. You can decide at what time in your marketing process your subscribers get the pitch, what time they get pure content, what time they get marketing that makes them a warm market lead.

Because you cannot sell without pitch. You just have to know when to use it.

Get That E-mail Address!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Everyone,

This is Chris Lang's assistant..

I just witnessed superior thinking in action, Chris's computer shut down a number of times within 60 seconds. Then he proceeded to reboot the computer with Linux / Ubuntu, within a minute.

Business could of been sabotaged because of this mishap but wasn't. He worked with superior precision and solved his problem for free.

This morning was a gem to watch, a true expert in action. Never blinked, cussed a little, grabbed his cigarettes and kept moving.

He went on and kept in stride, and within the rhythm of things made a $10,000 social traffic deal this morning.

Linux just saved Chris Lang's behind..

To your Success and Sending Smiles^_^
Margie D Casados

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To people who want to make money but can't seem to get started...

Learn from the masters of social attraction and double your sales with irresistible social game. Jam pact with tips, concepts, tools, advice and proven techniques. from hot social marketers.

How to approach leads turn them into red hot prospects and sell anything you want without really trying. Because you won't have to, your social attraction with be undeniable.

I use to be just like you lost in facebook, begging people to come to my site and doing a little happy dance every time I got one messily sale. Then a guy told me how he learned to attract any woman he wanted from David DeAngelo. Not by doing things right but by removing the things he did wrong.

This dateless wonder turned into a confident strong attractive male who could attract the quality intelligent beautiful women he deserved. So I decided to teach you how to use these same principles to attract buyers that want what you have.

Will I try to sell you something once in awhile of course! More importantly we will be teaching not to make the mistakes that are losing your sales. Because your social attraction will be like the smell of bacon frying in a pan.

Right now go read your first social attraction how to. But first ask yourself what is pitch? Whatever you think it is your wrong. And if you don't read this now you will be kicking yourself later...

To your Success and Sending Smiles ^_^
Margie D Casados